Lucky Roo 42

Lucky Roo 42 flew for the first time on December 19th, 2020, at a QCRC launch. This flight was an attempt to earn the National Association of Rocketry Level 3 Certification, the highest level of rocketry certification that one can attain. Fortunately, the flight went perfectly, and the rocket flew to an altitude of 7,629 feet at a top speed of 550 miles per hour. I am now a fully certified L3 rocketeer! Some photos and videos from the first launch are shown below.

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Pre-Flight Picture of Lucky Roo 42 with my Parents and Roommate from ND

Lucky Roo 42 Leaps off of the Launch Pad

Lucky Roo 42 Continues the Boost Phase Powered by an M3100 Motor

Lucky Roo 42 is Still Climbing Towards Apogee

Lucky Roo 42 Begins Its Descent Under the Main Parachute

Moments Away From Lucky Roo 42 Landing Gracefully Under the Main Parachute

Lucky Roo 42 has Landed Safely!